Taking advantages of the Web

Taking advantages of the Web

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Even though the Web is widely used, the vehicle business is becoming more and more local. New tools offer more ways to pinpoint certain markets. As a dealership, this is good news as no one knows better your local market than yourself. All there is to do is transfer this expertise onto the Web. After a few basic steps, you’ll be on your way…

  • Consolidate your Website with responsive web design and videos.

It all starts with a convenient Website but it doesn’t stop there! One in five website visitors will view it from a mobile and in order to transform these visitors into actual clients, a mobile friendly website must be in place. Furthermore, statistics from online videos are way too important to be ignored: video content increases the amount of time potential customer spends on each visit by 327%.

  • Think local and target your market.
    Once your Website is set on solid grounds, spend some time screening the public’s opinion of your trademark on the local market. For example, online monitoring tools allow you to «see» and « hear » actual and potential online clients.

Paying research and posting publicity are also some excellent «local» online tools making it possible to measure and follow your company visibility. These tools are based on traditional concepts: knowing your clients and reaching them wherever they are. A way to remain visible to your clientele is to send them a monthly newsletter using your clients’ e-mail listing. These proven solutions should be part of any dealership’s online marketing plan.

  • Team up with the experts.
    Your basic and local marketing strategies are set but, we know that we live in a «fast-pace» world, especially when it comes to numerical marketing. The challenge of the industry is the overflow of new tools and experts telling you how to use them. What is the best way to manage it all? It would be having someone you can trust navigate through it while concentrating your energies on what you do best, sell vehicles. Your Web solution supplier should be more than just a supplier; it should be someone paying special attention to new technologies, changes in the industry as well as make recommendations based on your dealership and your market. Not all new online tools necessarily have an impact on your market but certain of them could make a big difference! A great partnership makes the difference when it comes to guiding you in the right direction to get end results.

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