When evaluating your clients’ exchange vehicles, the salesmen and managers must be efficient and cohesive as this information will be used for future reference. For more details, go onto the Sprint Appraiser website.

Sprint Appraiser is a Web application that accompanies you from beginning to end in the evaluation process. By simply entering the customer’s driver licence and car registration certificate, many fields will automatically fill-in. The salesman will then complete the blanks and transmits it to his manager for pricing. Thanks to a simplified mobile version, the manager will be able to complete this evaluation quickly without increasing his workload. Furthermore, if you are part of a group of dealers, the evaluations done by other members will be available to you. This application will also allow you to view past evaluations, save new ones, compare the old and the new, etc.

  (For more details, contact Sprint Marketing. Pricing subject to change without notice.)