A monthly newsletter is the ideal tool to keep in touch with your clients. Unlike your website, the newsletter allows your customer to meet with you on regular basis. Newsletter usage is widely spread: 69% of users are looking forward to getting at least one newsletter and most of them have integrated them in their daily routine.

Here is a list of examples that you could include in your newsletter:

Keeping your place in the sun and standing out of the crowd in your client’s inbox is not an easy task. On average, users receive 58 emails daily in their professional inbox and only spend 20 seconds deciding which newsletter they will read based on the sender’s name and subject: in order to be left out of the 18% spam, newsletters must include some of your reader’s interests.

The newsletter is an important link between the reader and the company. Unlike a company’s website considered more distant, a newsletter sent directly to your client’s inbox is considered more personal.

Users appreciate newsletters because they…;

  • keep them informed;
  • remind/teach them things that they could have forgotten or would not know otherwise;
  • are effortless;
  • avoid paper waste (as with traditional media);
  • can be transferred;
  • are free;
  • distributed quickly.

This media is privileged by companies since it allows them to build a personal relationship with the readers. The newsletter’s redaction must be planned carefully. In order not to be considered a spam, a functional unsubscription link must always be included. Also keep in mind that the newsletter can be transferred to colleagues, friends, etc. You should suggest a link to transfer and another to print.

Email strategic marketing can help you keep a loyal clientele without them feeling harassed. The newsletter gives you the opportunity to reach and retain your clients. Thanks to the tools available today, the email is a powerful asset for any marketing strategy centred on conversion and customer relationship.

We can also help you increase your subscriber’s listing by developing specific promotions and contests on social Medias or, for example, invite your website visitors to sign up to your newsletter.

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