Small and medium-sized enterprises… Do you comply to Canada’s anti-spam law (CASL)?

Contrary to popular belief, Canada’s anti-spam law (CASL) not only concerns mass mailing but every business email sent by each one of your employees from your business’ computer network no matter the volume or identity of the sender. The law does not provide any exception for individual emails sent by your Outlook or any other platform.


The CASL Hub will support all your commercial electronic messages sent by your company’s Outlook platform.

During outbound emails, do your employees make sure you have a valid consent from the addressee: express, 6 months implied or 24 months implied?

Is a functional UNSUBSCRIBE button available no matter what email platform is used (Microsoft Outlook, Server Exchange, Exchange 365, Google Apps, Thunderbird, PhoenixMail, Opera, Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS, desktop computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.)?

Canada’s anti-spam law is very strict and conforming to it isn’t easy. You are better off with an expert. For more details, go to the Email Checker website.