Schedule a 36 Hour Sprint Event and get tangible and measurable results. This event will dig up potential buyers by offering a fast and easy way to schedule an appointment with your salesforce without putting any pressure!

A few days after sending out email invitations, potential clients will become scheduled appointments and ultimately serious buyers. This approach makes it easy to quickly quantify the promotion’s efficiency.

This event is easy to do and manage. The dealership selects the event’s theme, dates and direction… Sprint Marketing takes care of the rest!

Select your theme:

  • 36 Hour Sprint Event;
  • 72 Hour Event;
  • Private sale;
  • VIP event;
  • Boxing Day sale;
  • Truck sale;
  • Or make up your own!

How it works:

  • Sprint Marketing will go through your email address list, correct it and update it if needed be;
  • A personalised email invitation will be sent;
  • Unlike phone solicitation, the client will not feel any pressure;
  • Interested clients will register themselves;
  • You will receive the appointments in real-time;
  • A follow-up dashboard will allow you easily monitor your event’s evolution;
  • You will sell;
  • Sprint Marketing will send you a list of the email addresses that need to be updated.

Recent examples:

  • September 2016: A Mazda dealer confirmed 85 appointments without putting any pressure on their clients!
  • December 2016: A Chevrolet Buick GMC dealer confirmed 78 appointments in his dealership!

You can also combine a virtual event with traditional media invitations (newspaper, radio, television, door hanger, etc.)

How much will a 36 Hour Sprint Event cost you?
Our long-time experience allows us to invoice you based on the quantity of appointments booked. Your financial risk is low.An affordable basic fee + an additional fee for each appointment booked
Our model is COOP approved by many manufacturers. For more details, contact Sprint Marketing.
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